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INTERFLET  Transport’s full truckload model provides the efficiency and flexibility to support all of your shipping needs year-round regardless of volume or seasonal variations. Our logistics professionals have the experience to optimize your supply chain solutions and deliver your freight on time, securely, and efficiently. INTERFLET has committed its resources to excellence by investing time and money into state-of-the-art technology systems. Our supply chain and logistics solutions improve productivity, increase capacity, and improve customer service.

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INTERFLET Transport’s international freight solutions allow our customers to have a one-stop solution for their cross-border shipments. Our sister carrier can safely, securely, and efficiently transport your freight to its Mexican destination with ease. cross-border transportation and rest assured your freight will arrive on time and intact. We provide a single invoice, and seamless international service. INTERFLET’s bilingual account managers have over 100 years of combined experience in moving freight between the two nations. We have built strong relationships with our partners in Mexico and facilitate your international shipments with the utmost care and confidence. This is the INTERFLET Border Advantage!!


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INTERFLET is our newest service. No matter the size of your business, cost control is critical. It is hard enough to manage the operational costs of any business, without the added stress and worry of managing your transportation and logistics. This is why so many customers are coming to INTERFLET. Our years of fleet management expertise give you an unbeatable competitive advantage. It doesn’t matter what the size of your operation is, we know how to leverage every penny of cost out of your supply chain. Our service will keep you in complete control.

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INTERFLET’S expedited team service  offers a ready-network of assigned capacity, specially-trained team drivers. Rest assured that your expedited freight is in strong, sure hands. We deploy quickly to keep your freight secure all overseen by a core team of operations experts who make sure your time-sensitive, production critical loads arrive safe and on schedule. Our freight solutions have proven to be amongst the best in the industry. Our experienced team of account managers and seasoned team drivers combine into a powerhouse supply chain management partner, ready to serve you.


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INTERFLET Transport provides its customers with a full truckload services division, and reliable, cost-efficient, door-to-door coverage throughout the eastern U.S. and Mexico. Our comprehensive team of drivers, and owner-operators currently supports the movement of more than several thousand shipments annually via dry box vans. Our truckload group provides the expertise, vision, critical information, flexibility, and a true partnership to link you to your freight destination.