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Our services include a single invoice, cross-border shipments, shipment tracking, and expedited team service.

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INTERFLET Transport Inc.’s Warehousing division is ready to provide you with solutions for all of your supply chain needs. From public warehousing to dedicated/contract warehousing, simple cross dock and consolidation to highly customized distribution requirements, INTERFLET provides flexibility, operational efficiency, robust inventory management, and superior customer service. You’ll benefit from a strategy that can provide quick turns on time-sensitive projects. Let our team of skilled professionals know exactly what you need and we will make it happen.

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Speed and productivity of a supply chain has become an important factor of growth for organizations. INTERFLET Transport Inc.’s cross-docking can provide significant improvements in efficiency and handling times. This INTERFLET strategy can help achieve a competitive advantage and ensure that your products are shipped efficiently and accurately. Our skilled warehouse staff handles each of our clients freight with care and precision.

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With years of combined experience, INTERFLET’S team has the supply chain solutions to effectively move your freight across the county or across the border. We cost effectively and securely handle hundreds of shipments everyday. Our growing fleet and expansive network of carriers create an unbeatable advantage. We combine great pricing with our expertise and we leverage our resources to keep your business moving forward. We take the worry out of your shipping needs and allow you focus on what matters most, your business.

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Let INTERFLET Transport Inc. handle your transportation needs. Our supply chain solutions include managed freight services. Whether you need to move a single load, have an unusual spike in volume, or want to achieve a higher level of stability and predictability in your transportation, INTERFLET’S dedicated team of professionals can handle your freight with the utmost of efficiency. We can also arrange door to door delivery, warehousing, cross dock services and cross border shipment. We’ll provide you with a total solution that includes drivers, equipment, route design, and shipment tracking, all on a single invoice. True one stop service.

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We’ve built a great reputation for being your single source solution. Getting your shipment to its destination sometimes requires that last short distance drop. INTERFLET’S drayage service can accomplish this move safely, securely, and just in time. Across town or across the border, our team of skilled professional account managers will take the worry out of your freight transportation needs.